Our large selection of used classic church organs, completely refurbished.


A Rodgers organ in beautiful condition, complete with four Walker Technical Company utility speakers and a dedicated subwoofer. This instrument has 33-stops, 4-memory capture combination levels, 10-general and 5-divisional pistons. Pipe-ready as well as Roland GS MIDI equipped (Rodgers is a Roland product), with MIDI A & B selectable on each division. Finished in a beautiful light-walnut wood, this organ would be perfect for a small church or music studio setting. It's even equipped with headphones for more discrete playing in consideration of others. Call 1-877-GRAFTON for more information.

Rodgers 790 - front

Rodgers 790 - 2

Rodgers 790

Rodgers 790 - MIDI

Rodgers 790 - keys
Rodgers 790

Rodgers 790


A used 32-stop Allen Organ. AGO console, 4 external speakers (call for additional space-saving options), digital reverb. This instruments also has a double memory capture combination action and Allen's own high-quality real moving drawknobs, as well as Celestes, Chimes and percussion sounds. This organ is available for immediate delivery and would make a wonderful practice organ or a fine replacement for a small church or chapel. Manual key-data only MIDI, (3-channels). Call 1-877- GRAFTON for more information.



A beautiful Allen Renaissance R-281 organ in like new condition. This organ was built in a 2-tone finish with real walnut sharps on both keyboards and pedalboard. As a two manual organ this Allen is unique in that it was built with a floating Ancillary Division. The stoplist of the Ancillary Division has a Gamba II Celeste at 16, 8, and 4-foot pitches as well as a 8 and 4-foot flute and 16 and 8-foot Trompetta Real - topped off with both 16 and 8-foot Vox Humana stops. The organ has 53-stops ranging from a 32-foot Violone pedal to a soft Flute II celeste - with sampled Chimes, Celesta and Harpsicord to boot! Contact us for a complete stoplist. Complete voicing and finishing usuing Allen Organ's DOVE software allows tonal customization and finishing for a total musical success.

The right pull-out drawer houses Allens MIDI Division II offering many organ orchestral and MIDI voices. The left drawer is home to a built-in MIDI Sequencer (completely records playing, expression and stop changes), alternate tunings, and settings for one of the worlds best sounding reverb (intergral part of the system - not an add-in). Many stops on the Sweel can be changed to English Cathedral samples, as the Great and Pedal to French Romantic. Combination action includes many memories with traditional moving stops (drawknobs and rockers). The organ also has a user-configurable Crescendo 'B' with two Tutti's to allow custom crescendo and full organs. This instrument comes with 6 full-range speakers, and well as a dedicated subwoofer. Speaking equipment may be added for use in a larger Church or Synagague, or scaled down for a residential setting.

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This Allen Organ MODEL ADC-220 is in beautiful condition. It has 26-stops and would make the perfect home organ. Speakers are built-in so now external speakers are needed. It sports Allen's 'Princess' pedalboard - not AGO standard, but is still of a concave and radiating design. Comes complete with headphone jack for late night practice. 16-foot and 8-foot reeds on the Swell, two solo reeds in the Great division and in general a well-rounded sufficient stoplist.

Originally $4,990 - now on sale for $3,890

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This 35-stop instrument features Allen's exclusive organ pipe sampling system. Eleven additional solo and alternate voicing stops, multi-level capture memory, lighted pedalboard and music rack. Two Full Organ (Tutti) and Crescendo 'B' which allows the organist to make their own custom Tutti and Crescendo. Alternate tuning function, divided expression and Crescendo, melody and bass couplers, and a host of other advanced features. 

Included also is Allen's highly successful MIDI Division II, adding a 'boatload' of classic, theater, orchestral and MIDI voices to the this instruments already ample ensemble. Includes four full-range utility speakers with brown grills.

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This genuine Hammond B-3 is the real thing. B-3 clones may attempt to come close but will never duplicate the authentic sound of the real B3. This wonderful instrument has been completely rebuilt to new specifications. No after-market preamps - this organ has it's original tube preamp and has been completely overhauled. This instrument includes a genuine Leslie and is completely rebuilt. Many people are unaware that newer Leslie-type speakers do not turn in the same fashion as the 'real McCoy'. If you're looking for a real B-3 for Gospel music or Jazz use, this instrument is your answer. Many have offered a combo such as this for over $15,000 - in average condition. Please call for more information at 215-723-6900. Click on any of the photos for a larger picture. Although this Hammond B3 is used, you must see it to appreciate it. You'll have to remind yourself that this organ is not new!     


Please click on these photos to see how clean and like-new this instrument really is!  (Click on top-right corner 'X' or your escape button to return)

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THIS MONTH SPECIAL -  Rodgers 205 used organ - $11,890 (see more details further down).

All Self-contained Rodgers Model 205 Hybrid electronic/pipe organ in beautiful Medium Brown Oak Casework, Console built into center of casework, 38-Speaking Stops, Dual-Memory Illuminated Drawknob Combination Action with 8-General Pistons X 2  (16 total), General Piston Settings, Tuning Control to adjust non-winded stops to pipes in case of pitch change of pipes, Open-Toe voicing with classic low wind pressure pipework. See bottom of this listing for complete stoplist and specifications.


Pipes are 75% tin and 25% lead. Wind chests of Honduras Mahogany - Toe Boards with direct electric action (no leather pouches or gaskets to wear out). super-silent, self-contained blower. Fits easily in rooms with an 8 Foot Ceiling height, Single Balanced Expression Shoe, Manual II (Swell) to Manual I (Great) and Manual I to Pedal stops, “Stops Enclosed” feature (General Division), Manual I to Pedal Reversible Piston

SPECIAL SALE $11,890 - as is - FOB Souderton. This organ is in good condition. Some TLC would make it like new. We suggest you schedule a visit to play and see this unique organ. At this price, with a beautiful AGO console, it could be MIDI equipped to make a great virtual organ controller.

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Classic used Rodgers AGO Console, in Walnut finish,
Stoptab Console with Locking Roll-top, 33-Speaking
Stops, Wood Music Rack, 3 General Preset Pistons plus
“Stoprail” Piston for a “settable” stop combination.
Harp, Chimes, Chiff, Voix (String) Celeste on Swell and Gemshorn Celeste on Great, Internal Audio System with Romantic Flute Vibrato and “Flute Diapason Chorus” functions.

A nice feature of older Rodgers organs is that they do not employ difficult-to-obtain circuitry components. This organ was manufactured when Rodgers was RODGERS! Almost all the electronic components are available from any electronics supplier.

Fully Restored – Like new! Available for $2,995

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A very nice Hammond model C-3 with a REAL LESLIE! It's true - most people are image buyers. The Hammond B-3 is the model more often sought-after because of the 4-leg or 'post' cabinet design, but did you know that the C-3 is exactly the same organ but with solid sides? The accompanying Leslie speaker has both upper and lower counter-rotating speakers (imitation Leslies often rotate in the same direction), and has been updated and serviced. This is one great-sounding organ!

Call for more information, or make an offer!!

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