Our large selection of used classic church organs, completely refurbished and guaranteed to be in l


This 31-stop instrument features Allen's exclusive digital tone generator system. Four additional Swell solo stops, multi-level capture memory, lighted pedalboard and music rack, divided expression, alternate tuning's, melody and bass couplers, and a host of other advanced features. 

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This 40-year commemorative edition Allen Organ is available at a special price. Although used as a demonstrator, this instrument carries a full new organ warranty. Full moving drawknobs capture combination action, multi-level memory and divided expression peals. Equipped with an internal speaker system making it a perfect practice instrument for home use - or ideal for small Chapel use - (external speakers may be added for use in larger buildings). Employing Allen's proprietary sampling system this organ produces pipe-like ensembles from digitally recorded real pipe organs. Allen quality all-wood console (no plastic or plywood construction). Grafton Piano & Organ represents Allen Organs in the Philadelphia and surrounding tri-state areas.

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A beautifully restored 45-stop drawknob instrument with divided expression, MIDI capacity, alternate tuning and classic lattice lighted music rack. This organ has been fully restored and looks and sounds like it just left the Allen Organ factory. It comes with four full-range speaker cabinets with decorative grills. An alternate speaker system is available as an option utilizing four smaller satellite speakers with a subwoofer - ideal for your music room. Full AGO console, with transposer and solo and bass couplers (plays pedal stops from keyboard) and solo Festival Reed stop on the Coir Division.

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A rare find - this 34-stop classic organ from Allen features divided expression and Crescendo, 2-Tutti's (in addition, user-settable Crescendo and Tutti) with 8-memory capture with full moving stop action. It also has 4 Alternate stops on the Swell, and 7 Classic ranks on the Great and Pedal divisions. The Swell is equipped with a full compliment of voices including a Celesta and Harpsichord at the 8-foot pitch. General pistons 5 through 10 and the Pedal divisionals are duplicated on the Pedal Toe Studs. An added plus are the melody and bass couplers, Allen's exclusive Console Controller, alternate tunings, Tremulants Full and Swell Unison Off, allowing full Swell coupling to the Great and Pedal while playing a solo voice from the MIDI Division on the Swell.

This instrument is self contained requiring no external speakers, so it would make a perfect practice instrument for home use or for small Church or Chapel. It can also be expanded with additional amplification and speakers for use in a small to moderate-sized music hall or Church. The attached Allen MIDI Division II is optional and would add over a hundred additional organ MIDI and orchestral voices to this beautiful instrument. Additionally, one of the features in the Demo mode is a very convincing Zimblestern.

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A beautiful Allen theater organ featuring 69-stops with 8-manual and pedal percussions. Rhythm and traps drawer with 16 different styles and various additional percussions and sound effects such as siren and 'Keystone Cop' whistle. Ten generals duplicated on toe studs with each division having its own 6 divisional pistons. Includes 6 capture combination memories. Right slide-out drawer is host to a built-in sequencer (recorder). Crescendo 'B' piston for alternate crescendo and two different Tutti I & II registrations. Equipped with 4 medium-sized furniture-finish speakers.

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This fully-restored Allen Organ is a perfect fit for a hobbyist or for a small church or chapel. It is complete with 26-stops including a 8-foot string and string celeste (Swell), a 2-memory preset capture (7-each, total-14) and built-in reverb. The stoplist includes an 8-foot Krummhorn and Trumpet on the Great, a 16-foot and 8-foot chorus reed on the Swell as well as two 16-foot flutes on the pedal division. An added bonus is the Great Pedal coupler which is a great help as it allows pianists (with pedal-playing issues) to play the pedals with their left hand. This instrument can also be equipped with keying MIDI capacity which allows for adding external MIDI devices for 100's of additional organ and orchestral voices. The pedalboard on this instrument is 32-note concave and radiating, but is just under the AGO size specification.

On feature we can't show or explain is the quality that every Allen Organ possesses. Don't mistake this organ for the low-quality imports now being sold by commonly-known US organ companies. There is a big difference between value-per-dollar and cheap. (See our video at the bottom of this listing where we show an organ such as this illiterately falling apart).  This Allen Organ is life-long investment, giving you years and years of trouble-free enjoyment - backed up by Allens pledge to provide support for any organ they make - regardless of age.

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